We know there is a hidden potential in your inactive customers. That’s why we are here. We unlock that value with (Re)activation. It can make a third of your non-depositing sleeping players jump to life, while at the same time ensure players are safe and sound.

Since 2008 we’ve activated and re-activated thousands and thousands of players. We have an unmatched track record of reducing player churn while adding double digits to operator profitability - all with Responsible Gaming in mind.

What would (Re)activation mean to your operator business?

  • During 7+ years of close partnership I’ve experienced first hand how Enteractive has been key for Betsson Group to deliver on our core values; "Customers at Heart” - "Passion for Business” - “We Play Fair” & "Execution is Everything”.

    Mikael Eliasson, CRM Loyalty Manager, Betsson Group
  • My experience of customer support providers has so far been lousy, until we started working with Enteractive. I’ve been in the digital space for a very long time and you guys are simply outstanding.

    Joakim Gottzén, CTO, Bling City
  • Enteractive had a crystal clear vision for how to strengthen retention with chat moderation. Together we co-developed an innovative chat moderator tool and the results so far have been very satisfying. Enteractive has managed to build both team and processes to be on a fast-track towards industry leadership.

    Patrik Österåker, CEO, Relax Gaming

Enteractive is certified in Responsible Gaming

We always aim to make (Re)activation an integral part of your Customer Lifecycle. We start by establishing the most secure way of exchanging player data and over time we aim to integrate more deeply and automate. The data exchange also means feeding player experience data back to you to improve your player communication and CRM.

Our secret sauce is having players talk to players, about things they care about. And trust us, it’s not an easy task. We hire only superstars and invest heavily in training our staff in the (Re)activation methodology we’ve spent 10+ years perfecting. That’s why our reactivation rate is +30%.

From kick-off it typically takes about a week to be up and running.

We'll set up a customized (Re)activation Dashboard so that you can follow the results. The (Re)activation Dashboard is available both on Desktop and on Mobile.

We’re in it for the long run with our Operator Partners. Focusing on getting your players back, never acting as an affiliate, we apply first grade security and integrity on player data. Through experience, we know that we deliver tangible and measurable value giving us the confidence to only charge when we create real bottom line results.

Contact us so we can learn more about your (Re)activation aspirations!